Bring the Showroom to Your Home


Increase Sales & Customer Confidence

Customers hesitate when they are unsure if a product is suitable for their home. This uncertainty leads to lost sales, a reduction in customer satisfaction and product returns. INHAABIT allows customers to accurately visualise products in their home. Our Augmented Reality platform creates an engaging and interactive buying experience, improving purchase confidence and sales.

Visualise Furniture in Your Home

Visualise Products in Your Home

61% of customers would prefer to shop at stores that offer AR and 40% would be willing to pay more for a product they could experience through Augmented Reality.

Using an INHAABIT powered mobile app, your customers simply select the product they’re interested in, and the item is placed into their home, in full 3D.

We use the highest quality and most realistic Augmented Reality models, to ensure what your customer experiences in the app looks as good as the real thing.

A Showroom-like Experience

INHAABIT provides a showroom-like experience before customers even enter the store. Our app allows customers to try a product in different colors and materials, find the perfect fit and add items directly to a shopping cart for purchase.

Our platform has been designed to complement a retailer’s existing online and traditional strategies, building greater customer engagement and increasing sales opportunities.

A showroom-like experience
Organise a free demo

Organise a Free Demo

It’s easy to get started with INHAABIT’s Augmented Reality platform. Our apps run on modern mobile devices and can be branded and customised to your requirements.

Want to see how your products could look with Augmented Reality? Our professional services team can get you started with a free demo, using samples of your own product range, so you can experience the detail and realism of Augmented Reality.


How Augmented Reality Works

Augmented Reality allows you to visualise products in your surroundings, in real time, on a mobile device. Products are displayed in 3D and true to size. When you move around a product, you see it from different angles and it looks real.

Step 1

Open an INHAABIT powered app on your iPhone. You’ll see a camera-like view with your immediate surroundings.

Step 2

Choose a product in the app and a realistic 3D model will be placed into your surroundings.

Step 3

You can move and walk around the product to see different angles and try different places. Accurate dimensions and materials make it look like the product is really there!