Bring the Showroom to Your Home

Increase Sales & Customer Confidence

Customers hesitate when they’re unsure your product is suitable for their home. This uncertainty leads to lost sales and a reduction in customer satisfaction. INHAABIT’s Augmented Reality (AR) solution allows you to create a more engaging buying experience, improving purchase confidence and sales.

Augmented Reality furniture

Improve Your Retail Offering

61% of customers would prefer to shop at stores that offer Augmented Reality and 40% would be willing to pay more for a product they could try in AR.

Using an INHAABIT powered mobile app, customers can accurately visualise your retail products in their home, reducing the guesswork and increasing purchase confidence.

A Showroom-like Experience

INHAABIT provides a showroom-like experience before customers even enter the store. Our app allows customers to try products in different colors and materials, find the perfect fit and add items directly to a shopping cart for purchase.

Our solution has been designed to complement your existing retail strategy, building greater customer engagement and increasing sales opportunities.

INHAABIT app showroom

Ultra-Realistic Products

INHAABIT use the highest quality and most realistic Augmented Reality models, to ensure what your customer’s experience is as good as the real thing.

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Why Choose Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality lets your customers visualise products in their home, in real time, on a mobile device. Products are displayed with accurate dimensions and materials – they look exactly like the real thing.

Increase Purchase Confidence

Increase Purchase Confidence

Speed up the sales cycle and reduce hesitation by allowing customers to visualise your products in their home.

Demo Any Style

Demo Any Style

Staff and customers can demo your products in any material and color to maximise sales.

Enhance Your Marketing

Enhance Your Marketing

AR works seamlessly alongside your existing website, creating smooth online purchases and instore sales appointments.

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