2020 Year in Review

2020 was a year to remember for many reasons. The global pandemic became an unstoppable force that impacted every country, bringing waves of tragedy but also highlighting the importance of the simple things in life, such as human interaction and personal space.

With government lockdowns in place, a large percentage of everyone’s time was spent at home, with technology such as conferencing software, online gaming and ecommerce filling our days. Understandably, Zoom was named Apple’s iPad app of the year.

Many bricks and mortar retailers were forced to temporarily close their showrooms and opted to boost their digital strategies to combat uncertainty. Those who invested in future-focused technologies such as 3D products and Augmented Reality, were expertly positioned to market their products and meet customer expectations when shopping at home. Similarly, cyber sales such as Black Friday combined with conditions of the pandemic, produced a massive surge in online shopping, with many buyers preferring to browse online and avoid the crowds.

Breville AR

INHAABIT’s clients led the way with retail focused AR + 3D experiences, empowering customers to engage with their products in the comfort of their home.

Breville unveiled new kitchen appliances and an extended range of product colors via the Breville AR app. Using the multiple placement functionality, related products can be mixed and matched to suit customer’s interiors and styles changed with the tap of a button.

Hisense Dual Cell TV 3D View

Hisense released the Dual Cell TV, a high-tech dual panel television, featuring an unparalleled viewing, aimed at making living rooms a more exciting place. To promote the release, INHAABIT created a 3D retail experience, which allows customers to explore the key features via interactive 3D. The Dual Cell TV can also be visualized in customer’s homes via the Hisense Home AR app.

Cosh Living AR App

2020 also marked the release of INHAABIT’s popular Instant AR + 3D solution, which allows customers to try ultra-realistic products in their home, without downloading an app. Designer furniture retailer, Cosh Living, supercharged their retail experience by allowing customers to see high-definition 3D furniture from any angle on desktop and try products in their home, via Instant AR. The combination allows customers to shop online with ultimate purchase confidence.

Kids and lifestyle furniture retailer, Mocka, also partnered with INHAABIT to showcase their products in ultra-realistic Augmented Reality. Many of Mocka’s AR products are incredibly detailed and almost photo-realistic.

Mocka AR

With the lockdowns and social distancing looming throughout the year, INHAABIT partnered with Denfair for their 2020 Virtual Design Event. Aptly named Denfair 2.0, the event demonstrated that remote attendees could experience concept furniture in their home via AR + 3D.

Denfair 2.0 Front Centre Stand

Finally, in the art sector INHAABIT released Art Reality, a dynamic platform that allows artists, galleries and retailers to use AR to showcase their art. Art Reality shows that AR has the potential to enhance many industries, particularly if customers are unable to visit a gallery or when a retailer is a purely online business.

Author: Jason Yim

Jason is the Director of Marketing at INHAABIT and has over 20 years experience creating digital solutions in areas of design, UX, branding, digital marketing & Augmented Reality.

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