AR + 3D Kitchen Appliances

Help customers find the right appliances for their kitchen and living areas with Augmented Reality + 3D. Increase purchase confidence and fast-track sales.

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Streamline Appliance Sales With Augmented Reality + 3D

AR + 3D product visualisation helps customers better understand all of your kitchen and whitegood product options. It lets them realistically see your products in their home to confirm sizing, placement and styling.

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Explore Hisense televisions, refrigerators and laundry products in ultra-realistic AR + 3D. With accurate sizing and materials, AR allows customers to quickly see which products suit their room and visually confirm if a 65″ or 75″ TV is the right fit. Increase purchase confidence, engagement and sales with AR + 3D.

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Find out why showcasing your appliances in AR + 3D will increase sales and product awareness. Our friendly team will take you through a demo and show you the key benefits of our ultra-realistic platform.

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