AR Appliances & Whitegoods

Help customers find the right appliances for their kitchen and living areas with AR + 3D. Increase purchase confidence and fast-track sales.

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Streamline Sales With Augmented Reality

Appliance and whitegood shopping doesn’t need to be a challenge of measurements and speculation. AR and 3D product configuration helps customers find the most suitable products in an engaging and interactive way, reducing hesitation and increasing purchase confidence.

AR Measurements for Appliances

Help Customers Buy Your Products

From TVs to espresso machines, choosing the right appliance can be a tricky business. Will this product fit in my space? Which color best suits my kitchen? Endless questions can create purchase hesitation and slow down sales. INHAABIT’s AR + 3D platform lets retailers showcase their products in ultra-realistic quality and allow customers to visualise any style in their home with the tap of a button.

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A Showroom-like Experience

AR + 3D lets customers browse your appliances and whitegoods in the comfort of their home. It creates a showroom-like experience complete with accurate sizing and realistic materials. Customers can pick and match styles to find the best appliances for their living areas. Create an AR + 3D showroom for your customers using Instant AR or an Enhanced AR app.

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AR + 3D Showroom

Ultra-Realistic 3D Viewer

Our combined experience of Augmented Reality and high definition 3D enhances the retail connection with your customers. It lets them try your products in their home and see them from every beautiful angle.

Customers can see different colors, materials and understand sizing based on real dimensions. Our technology seamlessly integrates with your website and shopping cart so customers can launch your AR powered app directly from your product pages.

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Smart QR Codes

Smart QR Codes

Smart QR code integration gives customers a seamless online shopping experience between desktop and mobile. When they choose to view a product in their home, they can easily scan a QR code and instantly jump to the AR experience on their mobile. When they have completed the AR session, they can also continue their shopping experience on their mobile.

Measure, Recommend & Compare

AR enables customers to measure their space, get intelligent product recommendations and find the nearest retailer with a couple of taps. It makes the buying process engaging and interactive, helping your brand stand out from the crowd. Enhanced AR Apps can be provide a more personalised buying experience, keeping your products in your customer’s pocket, on their mobile device.

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Enhanced AR Apps

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