Bring the Gallery to Your Home

Increase purchase confidence & valuations by allowing customers to preview art in their home.


Augmented Reality Has Changed Art Sales

Selling art is no longer just about the physical gallery – websites and digital art marketplaces have evolved to reach millions of customers online. Augmented Reality (AR) is the next step, letting customers try your art in their own home.

Sell More Art & Increase Value

Buying art online leaves customers with too many questions – How does it impact my space? Does it fit with my existing art and what type of frame would look best? This results in slow/lost sales and unhappy returns.

Augmented Reality solves this issue, allowing customers to visualise art in their home, increasing their purchase confidence & speeding up sales.

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Why Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the ultimate way for customers to try art before making a purchase. According to Google, 34% of customers would use AR for shopping and 61% say they would prefer to shop at places that offer AR.

Step 1

Increase Sales

Improve customer purchase confidence for quicker sales

Step 2

Reduce Costs

Happy customers means better retention and less returns

Step 3

Expand Reach

Increase brand awareness and reach new customers

Lead the Way

Companies such as Amazon, Apple, IKEA & are already using Augmented Reality to drive customer engagement and provide a next-generation experience. Your direct competitors will also be steaming ahead.

Expand your brand awareness and reach new customers by allowing them to visualise your art in Augmented Reality.

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A showroom-like experience

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