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Empower customers to preview your furniture online and in their home with AR + 3D. Improve purchase confidence and increase sales.
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The Future of Furniture Retail

Retail is evolving. It began with physical showrooms, but has transitioned to engaging online shopping experiences and ultra-realistic furniture, you can preview in your home. Augmented Reality is supercharging ecommerce, by letting customers effortlessly visualise products in their home, removing hesitation and accelerating the sales process.

Engage Customers & Sell More Furniture

Existing furniture retail can leave customers with many questions – How does it look in my home? Will it fit in my space? What color fits best with my existing furniture? This results in slow sales and an unsatisfactory shopping experience. Augmented Reality solves these issues by allowing customers to visualise realistic furniture in their space, providing increased confidence and sales.

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About a Lounge Product - AR + 3D Product Configurator
Reversi Sofa - AR + 3D Product Configurator
Jalousi - AR + 3D Product Configurator
Instant AR

A Platform Built For Furniture Retailers

INHAABIT’s AR + 3D platform gives you everything you need for a successful AR furniture solution. Customers can visualise your products in high definition 3D and Instant AR lets them try ultra-realistic furniture in their home, directly from your website. Your 3D models can be converted to photo-realistic lifestyle renders for campaigns and you can generate high quality variant images in any style, for your product galleries.

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Powerful Product Configuration

Empower customers to configure and visualise all of your furniture options in high definition AR + 3D. The ability to see all materials and options reduces guesswork and removes purchase hesitation when physical demo products are not available. Our product configurator solution can integrate with any website seamlessly and allows customers to visualise their configuration in AR + 3D without the need to download an app.

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Powerful Product Configuration

Improve Your Retail Offering

Online sales are growing rapidly, with more customers selecting ecommerce as their preferred way of shopping. AR + 3D products complete your digital sales experience, allowing customers to visualise product options. sizing, placement and materials in their own space.

Lead the way with an AR + 3D solution and leap ahead of competitors with a digital strategy that sets a new benchmark.

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