Showcase Rugs in Augmented Reality

Increase purchase confidence and speed up sales. Allow customers to try rugs and carpet in their home with Augmented Reality.

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Augmented Reality Has Evolved Retail

Retail originated in showrooms, but technology has enabled customers to buy from online marketplaces and via mobile devices. Now Augmented Reality (AR) allows customers to preview rugs and carpet in their home, increasing purchase confidence and speeding up sales.

Increase Your Rug Sales

When customers find a rug they like, they still have many questions – How will this rug look in my home? Will it fit in my space? What style suits my furniture? This abundance of uncertainties results in slow/lost sales and costly returns.

Augmented Reality solves these issues by allowing customers to preview realistic rugs in their home, increasing purchase confidence and sales.

A Showroom-like Experience

INHAABIT provides everything you need to get started with a successful AR rug and carpet solution. We build you a fully branded AR app which allows you to self-manage your rug collection.

Our solution complements your existing website and retail strategy to help you build greater customer engagement and sales opportunities.

Rug AR Showroom

AR Art Benefits

Streamline Sales Processes

Augmented Reality enhances existing sales process and can provide unrivalled time and cost saving. Being able to showcase your products in ultra-realistic AR can reduce the need to lend physical samples to customers and become an essential sales tool to show product variants not available instore.

Online customers will be able to more confidently make purchases and satsifaction increased when customers already know that your product will suit their home.

Lead the Way

Augmented Reality is rapidly establishing itself as the future of retail. Customers can view products in their home with accurate materials and sizing, reducing the guesswork and increasing purchase confidence.

61% of customers would prefer to shop at stores that offer Augmented Reality, with 40% willing to pay more for a product when they can try it in AR.

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Why Choose Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality helps customers become more engaged during the buying process. According to Google, 34% of customers would use AR for shopping and 61% would prefer to shop at places that offer AR.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Improve customer purchase confidence for more sales

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Satisfied customers result in less returns saving you money

Expand Reach

Expand Reach

Increase brand awareness and reach new customers

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