Breville AR Introduces Bold New Colors to Luxe Collection

At INHAABIT, we’re committed to revolutionising the way retailers showcase their products and giving customers a superior buying experience. Recently, we partnered with Breville to create the innovative Breville AR shopping app. Featuring ultra-realistic products, accurate sizing, materials and colors, small appliance shopping has never been easier.

Breville AR allows customers to try sleek and innovative kitchen appliances in their home with Augmented Reality. From beautiful stainless steel espresso machines to exciting new products such as Bluicers, the app empowers customers to better understand product sizing – will this coffee machine fit on my bench? – and increase purchase confidence with the ability to mix and match styles in their kitchen, from Breville’s comprehensive product range.

Breville’s design team are renown for creating some of the world’s most iconic kitchen appliances, so the ability to showcase accurate details and colors, was a critical part of the development for INHAABIT. Breville AR also allows customers to try the company’s flagship Luxe Collection, which features a bold new color range across beautifully designed toasters, kettles and juicers. The new colors include Regal Prosecco, Guava Spritz, Pistachio Sorbet, Oyster Shell and can be accessed on products such as the Toast Select Luxe and the Soft Top Luxe.

Breville AR Bold New Colors

Breville’s Augmented Reality solution has boosted the company’s brand awareness on a global scale, with the app available in an abundance of regions and markets. Branded as Sage AR in Europe, it demonstrates how AR is evolving retail around the world and creating a new benchmark for customer engagement and purchase confidence.

The ease of knowing whether a product fits in your space and how a particular color or material will compliment your kitchen, is just a tap away with the Breville AR app.

Learn how the face of retail is rapidly changing via Augmented Reality in our INHAABIT customer stories.


Author: Mei Yean Teh

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