Configure Modular Furniture With Cosh Living AR

As the Australian distributor for premium furniture brands such as Tribu, Manutti and Gloster, Cosh Living provides luxury furniture you won’t find anywhere else.

INHAABIT is excited to announce the release of the Cosh Living AR app, which lets you experience furniture in your home and create modular sofa configurations which you can visualise in Augmented Reality.

Available for iPhone and iPad, Cosh Living AR showcases a comprehensive range of Australian and European designed tables, chairs, daybeds and sofas that can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate living environment.

Cosh Living AR app

“Cosh Living AR showcases a new level of product experience and customer engagement that we can achieve with Augmented Reality”, says Jordan Yim, Director of INHAABIT. “From a buyer’s experience, not only can you see an extensive range of designer furniture in your backyard, but also build your own sofa and see it right in front of you.”

Modular furniture is a key part of Cosh Living’s exclusive range. With 1000’s of possible sofa combinations across many brands, an AR-powered furniture configurator was an exciting prospect for the business. “The ability to configure and visualise modular furniture in your home, creates a new benchmark for retail”, says Jason Yim, Director of Marketing at INHAABIT. “Put simply, if a customer can’t visualise what they’re buying, they’ll be reluctant to make a purchase. We can solve this problem with AR.”

Key features include:

  • Experience an exclusive range of luxury outdoor furniture in your home with Augmented Reality
  • See designer products from leading Australian and European Brands
  • Products are ultra-realistic with accurate sizing, color and materials
  • Try different colors and materials by tapping a button
  • Use drag and drop to build and configure a sofa, then see it in your home
  • Mix and match tables, chairs, sofas and daybeds
  • Take photos and share them via email or social media
  • Compare different products next to each other

Download the Cosh Living AR app now for iPhone and iPad

Cosh Living AR

Author: Jason Yim

Jason is the Director of Marketing at INHAABIT and has over 20 years experience creating digital solutions in areas of design, UX, branding, digital marketing & Augmented Reality.

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