Express Portables AR Portable Visualisation

Affordable Modular Homes & Portable Buildings

Express Portables is a leading Australian supplier of portable and modular buildings. Their mission is to provide affordable mobile spaces that provide the benefits of traditional structures, but can be easily transported and relocated. The company’s portfolio includes a range of attractive living and bathroom spaces, ranging from portable toilets to large prefabricated homes.

One of the key challenges for customers is to understand the size of the modular buildings and styling options based on the imagery and videos on the website. While customers can visit the Express Portables display locations, some customers could be located interstate, so providing a better website browsing experience became a key priority. Express Portables partnered with INHAABIT to enhance their online engagement, giving customers the ability to explore modular homes via a 3D Product Viewer and walk through them in AR.

3D Home Visualisation & Augmented Reality Walk Throughs

Express Portables Modular Home Visualisation

Using INHAABIT’s 3D Product Viewer and 3D Product Configurator, customers can configure materials for the Expander Home range and view them from any angle in high quality 3D. INHAABIT’s 3D Product Configurator is seamlessly integrated into Express Portables’ website and provides an immersive interactive experience.

Augmented Reality allows customers to walk through a true to size modular building, explore the layout and see every detail. Portable buildings can be visualised on location in a real world environment, to determine placement and see where they fit when space may be limited. The AR experience is powered by INHAABIT’s ultra-realistic Instant AR platform. Instant AR functions on a customer’s mobile device and allows them to scan a QR Code to jump to AR.

Enhancing Home Building With AR Technology & 3D Product Configurators

Modular homes are a popular alternative to traditional buildings due to cost efficiencies and the rapid construction. For customers, the ability to explore portable buildings and modular homes in 3D allows them to make faster purchasing decisions, speeding up the sales cycle and increasing their confidence.

INHAABIT’s industry leading AR + 3D platform is the perfect fit for Express Portables, leveraging fast onboarding with ultra-realistic visualisation, to make their homes stand out from competitors. The partnership also demonstrates how 3D Product Configuration and AR technology can increase sales and engagement for companies in modular and prefabricated home building.

Key Benefits of INHAABIT’s AR + 3D Visualisation & Product Configurator

  • Seamlessly integrated with Express Portables website to provide an engaging online browsing experience
  • Explore modular homes and portable buildings from any angle in high quality 3D
  • Real-time customisation – With a single tap, customers can change the exterior materials of their modular home
  • Instant AR technology lets customers try portables and modular homes on location or in their space to understand sizing and positioning
  • Digitally walk through homes via AR for an immersive browsing experience
  • Products can be onboarded from CAD files to speed up the AR + 3D onboarding process
  • INHAABIT’s AR + 3D Configurator solution is cross platform and works on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices without the need to download apps

Visit Express Portable’s website to see their modular homes in AR + 3D >

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