Felton Industries’ Stunning AR + 3D Park Furniture

Felton Industries AR Street & Park Furniture Bench

Revolutionising Urban Design, Street Furniture & Public Spaces

Felton Industries is a renowned Australian urban design and street furniture manufacturer. For more than 20 years, they have created high quality outdoor seating solutions and furnished public spaces for schools, parks, sporting events and commercial environments. Their premium aluminium grandstands, benches and tables can be found all around Australia.

INHAABIT partnered with Felton Industries to bring their grandstands and street furniture to life in high quality 3D and Augmented Reality. The class-leading 3D product visualisation technology allows clients to interact with furniture in 360 degrees on the website and try it in their space, with realistic materials and sizing. INHAABIT’s AR + 3D solution is ultra-realistic, which ensures all product materials, options and sizing is displayed accurately, just like the physical furniture.

3D Product Configurators Provide Powerful Customisation For Street and Park Furniture

3D Product Configurator For Urban Design & Street Furniture

A key requirement for Felton Industries was to allow clients to customise materials and options in high quality 3D. INHAABIT’s 3D Product Configurator platform has been created for this purpose and allows clients to select options such as endcap colors and timber finishes in real time. They can visualise the products in full 3D directly on the product pages, rotate them to any angle and send through enquiries with their specifications listed.

INHAABIT’s solution integrates seamlessly with Felton Industries’ website, making furniture stand out and increasing on-page engagement. It integrates seamlessly with any website or CMS, providing a better way to browse furniture online.

Prior to the introduction of 3D Product Configurators, urban furniture companies would need to manually create 3D product renders using design software. This activity would utilise time and resources each time a client needed to see an image of furniture with their customised options. INHAABIT’s 3D Product Configurator solution automates this process, enabling real time 3D product customisation and the ability to download a high quality product render from any angle. This significantly streamlines the sales process and staff are free to focus on other tasks.

Explore The Caring For Country Outdoor Furniture Range In 3D

Felton Industries’ most exciting park furniture range is Caring For Country. The beautifully designed Barradam-bang Park Bench, Burbang Birrang Outdoor Setting and Wirimbirra Wirimbirra Bin Enclosure were designed in collaboration with Brett Parker, Billyara – an award winning indigenous artist. Each product features stunning artwork that celebrates indigenous culture and history, blurring the line between art and design.

“Felton Industries’ Caring For Country range features some of the most intricate artwork we have onboarded into Augmented Reality and 3D furniture. Our team was very focused on capturing all of the detail and recreating it in our 3D Product Configurator,” explains Jordan Yim, Chief Technology Officer at INHAABIT. “From a technology perspective, it’s very exciting that we’re able to showcase products with high detail and have them load efficiently into Felton Industries’ website.”

All Caring For Country park benches and tables can be viewed in Augmented Reality and 3D, allowing clients to explore them from any angle.

Augmented Reality Enhances The Sales Process

Augmented Reality Park Furniture Bin Enclosure

The addition of Augmented Reality to Felton Industries’ website is a game changer for clients. AR allows them to visualise Felton Industries’ urban and park furniture in a real-world environment, providing an accurate representation of how benches, tables and grandstands will appear on location. This is particularly beneficial for projects with large furniture such as grandstands, as the AR sizing will help to confirm they fit in a particular location.

AR technology can enable better decision-making and project confidence, allowing clients to try different furniture and material options on location. This can reduce the guesswork associated with not having an image of a particular configuration on a website and not knowing which color or material will look best in the real environment.

INHAABIT’s Instant AR technology enables products to display with ultra-realistic visual quality and load quickly via unique compression. It is also connected with our Smart QR code platform that displays QR codes on desktop and allows clients to swiftly jump to the AR experience on their mobile device.

Powerful Technology For Architects, Designers & Urban Planners

Felton Industries’ AR and 3D Product Configurators provide substantial benefits for professionals in the fields of architecture, design, and urban planning. 3D visualisation enables them to instantly create accurate, high quality imagery of their desired configuration and supply these to stakeholders, to make more informed decisions. The end result is improved efficiency, a faster sales cycle and greater project confidence.

Visit Felton Industries’ website and explore their AR + 3D street and park furniture >

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