How A Product Configurator Will Change Your Sales Process

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Build Aria Modular Configurator

Would you like to make your online sales process more effective? How about improve customer satisfaction and streamline the sales process? This is what a web-based 3D Product Configurators achieves.

If your product range is highly customisable or features a large range of custom materials, your website or PDF catalogue may be letting you down. Static photos are unable to convey every product and customisation, leading to indecision, purchase hesitation and ultimately, a loss of sale. Most websites and even physical showrooms cannot display every possible product combination and this leaves customers with considerable uncertainty about options and how to choose the right configuration.

A web-based 3D Product Configurator allows online shoppers to configure and visualise products directly on your product pages, changing colours, sizing and modular options. As an example, it can provide a more engaging way to visualise all of the combinations for a sofa range, allowing customers to select their preferred material, leg styles, ottoman options and if they want the left or right chaise.

Customers may also have difficulty imagining if a sofa will fit in a space or suit their interior. A product configurator solves this by providing an Augmented Reality experience that can be viewed on your mobile device. This removes the need to physically measure an area as web AR products display with accurate sizing. Shopify found a decrease of up to 40% in the rate of returns when web AR products are available and according to Invesp, 45% of customers say that web AR helps them save time when making purchase decisions. Try an example of a web-based 3D product configurator via Tiipii’s luxury hanging beds.

TiiPii Product Configurator

Web-based 3D Product Configurators give customers greater creative freedom and can provide a more interactive online shopping experience. See how Studio Pip used INHAABIT’s 3D Product Configurator platform and Instant AR for their customisable furniture. If customers are able to combine 3D Product Configuration and Instant AR, they can more confidently make their purchase decisions, without being concerned if the product is the wrong material, won’t suit their interior and is the correct size. They can interact with custom or complex products and immediately understand the options that they can purchase.

Studio Pip Product Configurator

Product Configurators are powerful sales tools with obvious benefits for retailers and manufacturers. Not only do they allow customers to configure individual products, but they can be used to build modular products featuring multiple product parts and intelligent part logic. This can reduce the need to create custom 3D product renders via design software. Modular product designs can be created in real time using a Product Configurator platform, with no special skills required.

As an example, local councils and Urban Planners can use modular Product Configurators to create park settings and customised layouts with benches, BBQs, tables and shelters. See this in action with Street Furniture’s Build ARIA modular bench configurator and Classic Architectural Group’s office building product customiser.

Generating quotes for customers is also a key part of the sales process and can be time consuming. Calculating pricing for individual parts, different materials and combinations has the potential to result in errors if the data is not correctly supplied. A Product Configurator streamlines this process and is also known as a CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) tool. It allows your sales team to automatically generate quotations based on the customer selections and can reduce errors, saving your company money in the long term and streamlining your sales process.

Overall, a web-based Product Configurator provides an enhanced buying experience for customers and saves retailers time by automating many of the processes involved. Customers can easily visualise a full array of options in ultra-realistic 3D and use Instant AR to try their final configuration in their space. The entire sales process is improved from start to finish.

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