How a Room Planner Helps You Sell More Products

If you are a retailer or manufacturer selling products online, the digital shopping experience you provide for customers can make or break your business. This is especially true if you sell large ranges of products such as home or office furniture, bathware and gym equipment. The addition of a 3D Room Planner in your website adds instant value and is one of the most effective ways to boost multi-product engagement and sales.

But what is a room planning solution and how can it enhance your online sales process?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and explain how integrating a 3D Room Planner into your website will give customers a significantly better shopping experience.

3D Room Planner

What is a 3D Room Planner

In essence, 3D room planning tools are the next evolution of online product visualisation. This family of retail focused solutions includes 3D Product Visualisation, Product Configurators and Augmented Reality. A Room Planner enables customers, retailers, manufacturers and designers to easily layout a room with products, without needing any special training. The planning occurs in hiqh quality 3D via your website and best of all, doesn’t require moving large physical items around your room to find the best fit.

For customers, a Room Planner is a significant first step in the buying process, providing an engaging and interactive shopping experience, helping them visualise any combination of products with the click of a button.

For retailers, a Room Planner fast tracks the sales process, providing valuable information about customer preferences and creates a new channel to acquire sales leads.

Why Integrate a 3D Room Planner into Your Sales Process

According to a 2023 report conducted by eMarketer and Oberlo, almost 33.4% of people are shopping online. This would equate to 2.64 billion customers and this number is expected to increase to 2.77 billion in 2025.

Online Shopping Statistics

Around 53% of consumers worldwide stated they purchase or intend to buy home decor, furniture and bathroom products online. If you are a retailer with an ecommerce website and sell a large range of products, a Room Planner can give you significant advantage over your competitors.

How Can An Online Room Planner Tool Increase Sales?

The implementation of room planning software has multiple advantages for retailers and customers. For retailers, the most important benefits are increasing multi-product sales and creating the best online shopping experience.

Customers are looking for an online sales experience that helps them visualise many products together, change styling or configurable options, and see how they can arrange a set of products in their room. Overall, a 3D Room Planner speeds up the sales cycle and gives customers greater purchase confidence.

Better Customer Experience & Brand Recognition

When implementing a Room Planner and Augmented Reality into your website, you can achieve many goals:

  • Enhance your ecommerce experience, demonstrating to customers that you are prioritising a better online shopping and product browsing experience.
  • Show that you can provide an innovative digital shopping experience that leverages technology and makes you an industry leader.
  • Stand out from competitors with a more engaging and interactive customer experience.

On-Page SEO Benefits

On-page SEO refers to the time people spend on your website and the more time customers stay on your website, the better. Room planning software allows your customers to try many products and create their dream room, spending more time engaging with your product range and helping your website perform better in search engine rankings.

A higher level of engagement means search engines are more likely to display your website when customers search for furniture, bathroom products and more. Thus, your website traffic increases, leading to greater product views and more online sales.

Improved Customer Engagement & Satisfaction

Displaying 3D products on your website gives your audience a more interactive and immersive shopping experience, boosting engagement. So how does a 3D Room Planner function and what can customers achieve?

A Room Planner allows customers to select from a large range of products, intuitively drag & drop items into place, change materials and arrange them in a 3D room. Customers can create as many rooms as they like, with an abundance of options and style choices. Throughout this process, they are directly engaging with your products and increasing purchase confidence.

INHAABIT offers an ultra-realistic Room Planner, which will display your products in the highest 3D quality, ensuring materials and sizing are accurate.

Bathroom Planner

A Room Planner can be used to plan products and placement for a customer’s home or workspace. For example, a 3D Bathroom Planner will streamline the bathroom renovation process, allowing customers to add toilets, showers, vanities, baths, tiles and basins to create the perfect sanctuary.

For furniture retailers, an online Room planner will help customers create their ideal living space, find the correct sofa to fit in their room and add complimenting accessories such as chairs, tables and lighting. When it comes to an office space, customers can create an arrangement of workspaces and desks to maximise their floorspace, ensure there is adequate room for employee movement and create an aesthetically pleasing work environment.

Increase Multi-Product Sales

While 3D Product Visualisation allows customers to explore individual 3D products in detail, a Room Planner allows them to combine many products together and promotes multi-product sales. For manufacturers and retailers, it allows customers to explore an entire catalogue such as furniture, floor tiles, wall materials, accessories, shelving, bedroom, lighting and much more. Retailers can also create preset room designs featuring a curated range of products, helping customers buy a particular look.

Allowing customers to visualise a range of products creates a realistic shopping experience, combining the physical aspects of visiting a showroom and the ability to try any arrangement in their room. Customers can focus on the planning experience, spending more time engaging with your products and increasing their multi-product purchase confidence.

A More Streamlined Sales Process

A 3D Room Planner can streamline and speed up your existing multi-product sales process. Without 3D room visualisation, the process of renovating a space or planning a room can be challenging for customers. For a retailer, this leads to slow sales and an abundance of low quality enquiries.

An online Room Planner can free up valuable resources and reduce unnecessary costs, removing the need for an in-house design team to manually create 3D renders. This allows staff to focus on more important parts of the sales process, creating a more streamlined sales experience and the ability to acquire better quality leads.

The combination of Room Planning and Augmented Reality technology, improves your customer’s understanding of products, helping them visualise realistic sizing and placement. The AR experience allows them to walkthrough a digitally furnished room in real time, just by using their mobile phone.

Room Planner Living Room

3D Room Planning Helps You Acquire Customer Analytics

A 3D room planning solution allows retailers and manufacturers acquire in-depth customer analytics, helping them gather new insights into buyer behaviour. This ranges from capturing the most popular products to multi-product data, allowing retailers to increase the revenue per customer and showcase in-demand product ranges.

A Room Planner provides an engaging browser-based experience that can be connected with your Google Analytics account to capture important statistics in one place. This allows for more comprehensive analysis, planning and online improvements.

Multi-Channel Cross Platform Customer Experience

A Room Planner creates an immersive cross platform sales experience that elevates your products above competitors. Customers can access the high quality 3D visualisation features on any standard device such as desktop PC, tablet and mobile phones. Staff can be on the go, or engage customers instore and can provide a personalised multi-product planning experience via their iPad.

Customers can explore their furnished room in 360 degrees, walk up close to products and change materials on their mobile with realistic sizing and materials. This cross platform experience can expand your multi-channel marketing strategy, allowing you to find more customers on different platforms and promote your products in ultra-realistic 3D.

3D Room Planning Is Reshaping The Retail Industry

It’s a well know fact that people process images faster than words. This means that visualising your products via a 3D Room Planner is a much more effective experience than browsing a traditional web page. With ecommerce accelerating rapidly, the right retail technology can provide a powerful advantage over your competition.

While many online retailers have already increased their engagement and sales with 3D Products and Configurators, a Room Planner is the next evolution of online shopping, reshaping the retail industry for multi-product experiences and bringing the showroom to customer’s rooms.

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