INHAABIT is excited to be a partner at the 2020 Denfair 2.0 Virtual Design Event. Traditionally, Denfair has been a physical event allowing attendees and design industry professionals to connect and immerse themselves in the latest designer furniture and accessories from the world’s biggest brands. In 2020, it has evolved into a digital extravaganza – featuring 3D brand tours, Augmented Reality, online designer interviews and virtual masterclasses.

Front Centre Stand

One of the design-focused highlights is the Front Centre initiative, where Australia’s most talented designers and upcoming product concepts are unveiled. As part of the new digital format, INHAABIT are showcasing each of the finalist’s products via our industry leading 3D and Augmented Reality platform.

“The ability to realistically display beautifully designed products has always been an important focus for our company”, explains Jason Yim, Director of Marketing at INHAABIT. “We’re incredibly excited to be part of Denfair 2.0 and it’s fantastic opportunity to showcase the work of new designers. It’s also clear that virtual events and digital experiences are the new way forward, and our 3D + AR solution is able to make this seamlessly happen.”

The Drafters' Stool by Duncan Young

The Front Centre initiative features an abundance of creative products available in ultra-realistic 3D + AR, alongside an interactive model of the physical stand where the products would appear. INHAABIT’s technology provides one of the most realistic desktop and cross-platform mobile solutions via our 3D Product Viewer and Instant AR.

Visit the Denfair 2.0 Virtual Design Event at


Author: Jason Yim

Jason is the Director of Marketing at INHAABIT and has over 20 years experience creating digital solutions in areas of design, UX, branding, digital marketing & Augmented Reality.

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