Creative Innovation (Ci2019) is one of Australia’s leading innovation summits and has awarded INHAABIT with an innovation leader scholarship award. With an entrance pool of over 60 high performing technology companies and only 8 scholarship positions, it represents an incredible milestone and underscores how INHAABIT’s Augmented Reality technology is revolutionising the retail industry.

“Creative Innovation has given us an amazing opportunity to join other award winning innovators and industry leaders at one of Australia’s most forward-thinking events”, says Jordan Yim, Director of INHAABIT. “We’re incredibly thankful of Ci2019’s award and their future focus has brought some of Australia’s most innovative companies to the forefront.”

Tania de Jong, founder of Ci2019 says, “Our scholarship awards aim to recognise the importance of championing emerging innovators and the future generation. Our selected winners have embraced radical thinking and creativity to bring their fresh ideas, leadership and courage to a range of challenging issues which face our nation.”

Ci2019’s theme is “Human Intelligence 2.0 – A Collective Future” and proposes the question, “How will we manage the transition?” With a multitude of technologies and advancements happening every day, the impact of technology needs to be considered and will be a key issue discussed at the event.

Other scholarship winners include an AI technology which assists in the process of rapidly diagnosing cancer, a social enterprise platform which is empowering innovation in rural communities and a startup that promotes nutrient rich sustainable Kelp food.

Ci2019 takes place on April 1st – 3rd at the Sofitel in Melbourne.

To attend Ci2019, tickets are available from

Author: Jason Yim

Jason is the Director of Marketing at INHAABIT and has over 20 years experience creating digital solutions in areas of design, UX, branding, digital marketing & Augmented Reality.

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