With over 40 international design awards under their belt, Australian-based brand Breville are known globally for their sleek stainless steel kitchen appliances. Founded in 1932, the renowned manufactor and retailer continuously seek to deliver sophisticated design and brilliant innovation.

INHAABIT is pleased to announce the release of Breville AR, which allows you to experience Breville’s best products on your kitchen bench with the innovation of Augmented Reality.

With a vast array of striking colors and finishes across their range, the Breville AR app is the perfect tool to visualise how to match your kitchen décor. Available on iOS and Android, Breville AR allows you to experience Breville’s products in never before seen detail.

Jason Yim, Director of Marketing at INHAABIT explains, “Breville’s product design team have created some of the most iconic kitchen appliances on the market, so our development team built new AR rendering and lighting technology to ensure we captured that essence. The ability to try an Oracle Touch espresso machine on your benchtop, rotate it around to see all of the design features, pick the colour that suits your kitchen and importantly, see if it will fit in your space, is why AR is changing retail.”

The Breville AR app is also available in Europe as Sage AR and features region specific products and languages.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-realistic Augmented Reality kitchen appliance experience
  • A wide range of products, colors and materials available across Breville’s coffee machines, toasters, kettles, food processors, blenders and more
  • Test out the available finishes to see if they fit with your decor
  • Accurate product dimensions help you understand how products will fit on your bench top

Breville AR is now available for iOS and Android.

Author: Alicia Ng

Alicia is a marketing & communications contributor. She enjoys writing, augmented reality and retail technology.

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