Mocka is one of the fastest-growing home furniture brands in the Oceania region, originating in New Zealand and recently acquired by Australian specialty homeware retailer, Adairs. Originally focusing on functional and stylish furniture for children, Mocka have expanded into all areas of home living, providing quality products for the whole family. 

INHAABIT have partnered with Mocka to create a leading Augmented Reality retail experience, boosting their digital sales channel, by empowering customers to view ultra-realistic furniture in their home. Being an online furniture brand, Augmented Reality has helped Mocka enhance their sales experience, giving customers the ability to see products with accurate dimensions and materials, just by using their mobile phone. 

Some of Mocka’s most popular products include cots, change tables and highchairs. AR allows customers to interactively plan a baby room, with the ability to mix and match products and digitally define the style of their newborn’s interior. 

Mocka also sell fun kids furniture such as cubby houses and play kitchens. Since the dimensions of these items can be difficult to imagine from photos, AR makes it simple to understand sizing. The product models have also been created incredibly realistically, so positioning them around the house is also part of the fun.

Customers can try Mocka’s leading AR experience by visiting the Inspiration section of their website. There’s no need to download an app – just jump straight in – and customers can virtually place furniture all the comfort of their home. A “Buy Now” button makes it easy to purchase products directly from AR, creating an innovative, engaging and personalized buying experience that continues to place Mocka at the forefront of online furniture shopping. 

Key Features:

  • Easily view products in Augmented Reality via Mocka’s website – no app download needed
  • A huge selection of indoor, outdoor, lifestyle and kid’s furniture 
  • Try products in your home and alongside existing furniture to create the right style
  • Accurate dimensions ensure you will understand if a product will fit in your space
  • AR experience is available on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices

View Mocka’s Augmented Reality products on their website

Author: Stephanie Ng

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