With showrooms located across Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch, Modern Style Outdoor Furniture is one of the most established retailers in New Zealand with close to 10 years of experience. Since 2011, they have been offering their customers durable premium outdoor furniture settings that they personally design, manufacture and source.

INHAABIT is pleased to announce the exciting launch of Instant AR for Modern Style, which allows customers to view premium outdoor furniture in the comfort of their home. By integrating with Modern Style’s website seamlessly, the new Instant AR feature gives customers the ability to experience Augmented Reality without needing to download an app, bringing the furniture shopping experience to a new level of innovation and technology. Instant AR makes Modern Style’s furniture accessible to customers whenever and wherever they are, providing an engaging, immersive and personalised shopping experience on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Modern Style Instant AR

Modern Style’s products are also powered by INHAABIT’s high definition 3D Product Viewer and combined with Instant AR, ensures customers can realistically visualise how furniture will appear in any outdoor scenario. With various furniture configurations available, Augmented Reality helps customers quickly evaluate a product’s true-to-life sizing, material options and allows it to be swiftly added to the Modern Style website shopping cart for purchase.

With customers increasingly browsing products online as a viable alternative to visiting showrooms, INHAABIT’s Augmented Reality retail solution focuses on streamlining the purchase process and improving customer engagement. By integrating technology such as Instant AR, Modern Style are able to provide a superior ecommerce experience that allows customers to make better purchase decisions and improve their overall satisfaction.

Author: KyeLynn Lai

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