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Let customers configure and visualise your products with our advanced Modular Product Builder.

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Build & Visualise Any Modular Product

Increase purchase confidence and sales by letting customers build modular product configurations and see exactly how they appear. Our Modular Product Builder can be customised for your product requirements and allows customers to easily drag & parts, select colors and materials.

Augmented Reality Sofa

Improve Your Sales Process

Modular product options can be complex for customers to understand. Most sales processes involve brochures with many diagrams or an extensive parts list that your sales team may find challenging to document. Our Modular Product Builder streamlines the entire process, allowing customers to use drag & drop to build your product and visualise it in high quality 3D.

Desktop or App Experience

Your sales team can increase customer engagement and supercharge their sales processes by demonstrating specific products and building configurations tailored for customer requirements. High quality 3D and ultra-realistic AR ensure that customers can clearly see material options, sizing and positioning. Often it may not be feasible to have a physical model of every configuration instore, but our Modular Product Builder gives you every option, any time and in any place.

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Build ARIA Modular Product Builder

Visualise & Generate Documentation

Documenting requirements and calculating pricing is a breeze with our platform. Our Modular Product Builder can generate tailored datasheets with the parts that customers require and connect to your CRM to speed up quotations. We can help you digitise your existing processes, enhance your customer experience and increase your overall sales.

Lead the Way

Augmented Reality + 3D is rapidly establishing itself as the future of retail. Customers can view products in high quality 3D with accurate materials and sizing, reducing the guesswork and increasing purchase confidence.

High definition 3D products are helping retailers increase engagement, with customers spending more time browsing their products. Greater time spent on your website enables more sales opportunities.

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