Online Stylist Creates a Personalised AR Furnishing Session

Cosh Living are a popular Australian retailer of designer outdoor furniture, leading the way by helping customers better engage online with products through AR + 3D. From 360 degree, high definition 3D furniture models, to letting customers build and visualize multi-product arrangements in their home, Cosh Living have embraced technology to improve their digital sales process and bring the showroom to customer’s homes.

With an increasing amount of customers starting their journey online, Cosh Living have released an exciting new AR experience, called Online Stylist. Created in partnership with INHAABIT, Online Stylist uses “snapshot AR” technology to allow customers see exactly how their new furniture will appear in their home, in their own photos.

Unlike other photo-based retail experiences, Online Stylist leverages intelligent Augmented Reality data, to allow products to be displayed in a set of photos from different perspectives, with realistic sizing and angles. The result is a visually impressive and highly personalized styling session, allowing staff to swiftly build an arrangement of products, change materials or options with the tap of a button and showcase them directly in a customer’s home. Once the session is complete, a document can be generated with the customer’s preferred products and a photo to assist with the sales process.

“Online Stylist represents another exciting way that Augmented Reality is enhancing the sales process”, says Jordan Yim, Director at INHAABIT. “Unlike traditional real-time AR, Online Stylist allows you to take an AR-enhanced photo and realistically insert products at a later stage. This allows retailers to create a very tailored and interactive sales experience.”

To experience Online Stylist, customers can download the Cosh Living AR app and visit the Online Stylist tab to take photos of their space and request a personalised styling session.

Download the Cosh Living AR app for iPhone and iPad

Author: Jason Yim

Jason is the Director of Marketing at INHAABIT and has over 20 years experience creating digital solutions in areas of design, UX, branding, digital marketing & Augmented Reality.

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