Polymaster Showcases Innovative Agricultural Products With AR

Polymaster is a leading provider of agricultural, rainwater and industrial products. With manufacturing locations comprising of over 20,000 square metres across Australia, they supply an extremely diverse range of products such as water tanks, storage solutions and equipment for customers large and small.

Polymaster recently partnered with INHABBIT to expand their website with ultra-realistic Augmented Reality + 3D products. While AR is commonly associated with furniture and appliance products, the new implementation demonstrates how it can also be used for large outdoor products such as tanks and storage items.

One of Polymaster’s most popular product ranges are their high quality rainwater tanks, which help customers sustainably reuse rainwater for their daily needs. Tanks range from 2000 litres to massive 50,000 litre “Mega Tanks” and are available in 22 stylish colors. The ability to visualise products in high definition 3D and Augmented Reality, helps customers determine the right location for their tank, ensure it will fit in their space and choose the best colour to match their environment. Large products such as tanks, can also be fairly heavy to shift, so AR provides the ability for customers to predetermine placement and take photos from any angle.

The ability to visualise rainwater tanks in AR, streamlines the purchase process by bringing the showroom to customers who may not be able to see a physical product or prefer to browse online. Polymaster already leads the way with innovative agriculture and industrial products, so it is only fitting that they align with a leading AR + 3D technology to showcase their products.

Visit Polymaster’s website to learn more

Author: Lachlan Williams

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