Powerful Product Configuration

Allow customers to visualise all of your products options with our advanced Product Configurator solutions.

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Visualise Any Product Configuration

Increase purchase confidence and sales by letting customers visualise all of your product options in high quality AR + 3D. Our Product Configurator solutions allow customers to select from multiple material and style options, view your products in 360 degress and try them in their home via Augmented Reality.

Engage Customers With Configurable Products

Engage Customers With Configurable Products

Help customers understand modular or configurable products, by letting them see the options they want in high quality AR + 3D. Our powerful Product Configurator solutions use ultra-realistic AR + 3D models, allowing customers to see exactly how a product will look in their home and make the buying process easy.

The Ultimate Sales Tool

Seeing is believing. Our Product Configurator will increase your website engagement and is beneficial to customers browsing at home and a perfect sales tool for staff. High quality images can also be downloaded from your Product Configurator, to be used as variant images and in marketing campaigns. You no longer need need a physical product in the showroom to demonstrate popular product options.

Augmented Reality Sofa

Try Our AR + 3D Product Demos

See how our retail solution leads the way showcasing high quality AR + 3D products

AAL81 Chair Demo
Mogensen Sofa
Framery O

A Product Configurator For Your Requirements

Effortlessly display a range of options and materials with our Product Configurators. From modular sofas to products with many upholstery and base styles, our industry leading AR + 3D technology ensures all of your products appear in the highest visual quality. Our solution can be customised to send options to your website shopping cart or generate parts and material specifications to streamline the quotation process. Learn about our Product Configurator features below.

Powerful Configuration Icon
Product Configurator

Showcase all of your product materials and options

Augmented Reality Icon
Instant AR

View your selected configuration in realistic AR

3D Product Viewer
3D Viewer

High definition 3D Viewer with full 360 degree rotation

Multiple Products Icon
Multiple Products

Display multiple products via product packages

CAD Conversion icon
CAD Conversion

Convert your base 3D models to our AR + 3D platform

Product Assets Icon
Product Photos

Download high resolution product photos for use in your image gallery

Customer Enquiries Icon
Customer Enquiries

Customers can send through enquiries with their selected configuration

Cart Integration Icon
Cart Integration

Integrate with your shopping cart to streamline the purchase process

Seamless Website Integration Icon
Seamless Web Integration

Product Configurator + AR easily integrates with your website

Improve Your Retail Offering

Online sales are growing rapidly, with more customers selecting ecommerce as their preferred way of shopping. AR + 3D products complete your digital sales experience, allowing customers to visualise product options. sizing, placement and materials in their own space.

Lead the way with an AR + 3D solution and leap ahead of competitors with a digital strategy that sets a new benchmark.

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