Since 1975, Suzanne Harward have established themselves as one of Australia’s finest bridal fashion pioneers and have continually pushed bridal fashion forward. Each of their couture gowns is handmade with the finest fabrics and craftsmanship, making wearing it an experience in itself.

INHAABIT is excited to announce a collaboration with Suzanne Harward to make bridal gown shopping interactive and effortless, via a groundbreaking new Augmented Reality experience. Available for iOS and Android, the Suzanne Harward Virtual View mobile app allows brides to see all of Suzanne Harward’s collections, on realistic and life size fashion models in their home.

Wedding dresses can be a once in a lifetime purchase and the process of choosing the perfect dress can require significant time, considering factors such as style, visual flourishes and quality. Traditional online browsing involves looking at still pictures. However, Augmented Reality allows brides to visualise dresses in full detail and 360 degrees to see how they fit on a real person.

Suzanne Harward Virtual View helps improve purchase confidence of customers. It provides an up-close and ultra-realistic view of the premium fabric and intricate details that appear on each bridal gown. Visualising the outfits in real life, will help customers make better decisions, resulting in less product returns and more sales for retailers.

“Suzanne Harward Virtual View is an exciting new way to experience fashion”, explains Jason Yim, Director of Marketing at INHAABIT. “Augmented Reality technology is moving in leaps and bounds and the ability to visualise beautiful bridal gowns in your home, shows how we’re making the retail experience more engaging and interactive. Suzanne Harward has some incredibly detailed and intricately designed outfits, so our goal was to ensure you could really see this detail on the AR fashion models.”

Key features:

  • View your gown of choice on a life size model at home or at the wedding venue
  • Book an appointment to try on the dress or gown via the app
  • Compare multiple Suzanne Harward outfits
  • High quality 360 degree view of Suzanne Harward gowns on model
  • Sizing and scale of each gown is life size
  • Change dress characteristics such as sleeves or bows with a tap of a button

Suzanne Harward Virtual View is available now on iOS and Android.

Author: Mei Yean Teh

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