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A Leading Supplier Of Park Infrastructure

Grillex is a leading supplier of street furniture and park infrastructure. They use 100% Australian-made outdoor furniture and have over 100 years of combined industry experience, providing BBQs, grandstands, seats and tables to some of Australia’s most popular outdoor locations. Grillex’s product range is highly customisable with an extensive variety of materials options, configurations and sizes. This allows them to provide highly tailored park furniture solutions, but creates a challenge for how to convey all of their product options online.

In this customer success story, we share how Grillex used 3D Product Configurators, Modular Product Configuration and Augmented Reality to improve their sales process and customer engagement.

Key Challenges

  • Grillex were looking for the best way to showcase all of their configurable products on their website. Almost every product has a large selection of materials and many feature additional customisation options for arms and legs. Using traditional photography for every variant would not be cost effective or feasible, due to the variety of options.
  • Grillex wanted to provide a more engaging customer experience for their website. They were launching a new website and wanted a product visualisation solution that would make them stand out from competitors and enhance their sales process.
  • Grillex released a customisable bench solution called HYVE. Being a modular solution, customers could join bench components to create any layout and combine these with other products. They wanted an efficient way for customers and staff to build layouts and speed up the sales process.

The Solution

Grillex Bin Configurator

Grillex approached INHAABIT to implement a 3D Product Configurator and Augmented Reality solution to showcase their products in the highest visual quality. INHAABIT’s street furniture and urban design platform was a perfect fit, as it allowed them to onboard their products from CAD files, configure products in 3D and build modular product layouts. The solution was seamlessly integrated into their website, providing an engaging 3D product experience that allowed customers to configure, visualise and enquire about any product in their range.

Powerful 3D Product Configuration

INHAABIT’s 3D Product Configurator allowed Grillex to showcase their full range of products and options in ultra-realistic 3D. Customers can easily visualise any material or option and make direct enquiries with their specifications listed. Onboarding products to 3D reduced their reliance on traditional photography and added greater flexibility to showcase products in any material. Customers and staff could also instantly download render-like images of any configuration, freeing up internal resources from having to design custom renders.

Instant Augmented Reality

Ultra-realistic Augmented Reality allows customers to quickly try Grillex products in their outdoor space. This is beneficial for understanding size, selecting options and how a product appears on location. The Instant AR feature works on iOS and Android mobile devices, with no app download required.

Grillex launched the 3D Product Configurator and Augmented Reality functionality with their updated website and were able to provide a much more engaging experience for customers. “When customers are able to better engage and fully understand your product options, it will speed up the sales process”, explains Jason Yim, Director at INHAABIT. “Grillex’s website sets a new benchmark for how 3D Product Configurators can showcase highly customisable products and this is particularly important for companies in park furniture and urban design.”

HYVE Modular Bench Configurator

Flexible Modular Product Configuration

INHAABIT developed the HYVE Modular Bench Configurator to allow customers to intuitively design modular layouts. Featuring a top down view and ultra-realistic 3D perspective, the HYVE Configurator allows customers to combine modular bench components with seats, tables, BBQs and planters. Using drag & drop, they can easily create a park furniture layout featuring custom materials and see their completed design in high quality 3D. The Modular Product Configurator interface allows parts to intuitively snap together based on smart component rules.

Grillex’s HYVE Modular Bench Configurator has streamlined the sales process by giving customers and staff an easy way to create a park layout. The solution provides an engaging and interactive way for customers to create a layout and get in contact with Grillex to discuss pricing. When customers request a quote, they can send an image of their design and a list of components, streamlining the sales process and ensuring their specifications are captured accurately. 

A New Benchmark For Park Infrastructure & Urban Design

Grillex leveraged INHAABIT’s AR + 3D platform and Modular Product Configurator to transform their website into a more effective sales tool, enabling customers to view any product and material in ultra-realistic 3D. The combination of Augmented Reality + 3D technology has created a new benchmark for how customers can engage and explore park furniture products online.

Visit Grillex’s website to learn more >

Grillex Customer Story

Key Benefits

  • AR + 3D products have helped Grillex create a more engaging website and streamline the sales process
  • 3D Product Configurators allow Grillex to showcase all of their configurable options and materials
  • Augmented Reality enables their customers try a product in their space to understand sizing and on site placement
  • The HYVE Modular Bench Configurator allows customers and staff to quickly build any modular product layout
  • Customers can request a HYVE quote which sends a photo and specifications of modular parts used in the layout
  • All solutions are seamlessly integrated into Grillex’s website to provide a superior customer experience

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