Developed in partnership with Hisense’s Australian R&D team, Hisense Home AR empowers customers with the ability to find the most suitable products, based on their available space and unique requirements.

With Hisense Home AR, finding the perfect refrigerator or washing machine is no longer a guessing game of what will suit style and size-wise. Consumers simply download the app on their iOS or Android device and can quickly measure their available area using Augmented Reality. The app then intelligently recommends the best fitting Hisense products and allows consumers to realistically try them in their home.

Andre Iannuzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia explains, “Hisense Home AR app not only gives customers everything they need to accurately measure how Hisense products will fit in their space, but also allows them to see what the product will look like with ultra-realistic detail, minimising the barrier to purchase.”

Hisense Home AR app

When searching for televisions in Hisense Home AR, the experience is both engaging and intuitive. Consumers have the ability to specify features such as how far they sit from their TV and whether they are predominantly watching sports, playing video games or movies. The app will then provide personalised suggestions for the most suitable TV style and size from Hisense’s latest range.

INHAABIT Director, Jordan Yim says, “Hisense Home AR shows how Augmented Reality makes it easier to buy TVs and whitegoods, which is a huge benefit for both retailers and consumers. AR has already established itself as the benchmark for realistically visualising products in your space, but we’ve taken it a step further by recommending the best products, based on your measurements and product requirements.”

Hisense Home AR represents an exciting technological achievement as a retail solution, also providing the ability to access product fact sheets, locate your nearest retailer and see the fine details of Hisense products up close. Jason Yim, Director of Marketing at INHAABIT explains “Our team spent an incredible amount of time recreating the fine detail of the products, from the shine of the materials to the digital displays on the front. The TV range also features a fantastic little touch – when you move them up vertically for wall placement, the stands automatically disappear allowing you to mount them on the wall.”

With a significant selection of Hisense products available in the app and more on their way, the Hisense Home AR app should definitely be on consumer’s lists when browsing for a new TV, refrigerator or washing machine.

Download Hisense Home AR now for iOS and Android.

Hisense Home AR App Icon

Hisense Home AR

Augmented Reality

Feature Summary

  • See realistic Hisense Televisions, Refrigerators, Washing Machines and SoundBars in your home with AR
  • All products feature accurate sizing, colors and materials
  • 3D Web Viewer allows desktop users to see ultra realistic products in 360 degree rotating 3D
  • “Help Me Choose” product finding feature asks you questions and allows you to measure your space in AR to recommend the perfect products
  • See product specifications and download product overviews in the app
  • Retailer Locator allows you to find the nearest Hisense retailer


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Improve Your Retail Offering

Augmented Reality is rapidly establishing itself as the future of retail. Customers can view products in their home with accurate materials and sizing, reducing the guesswork and increasing
purchase confidence.

61% of customers would prefer to shop at stores that offer Augmented Reality, with 40% willing to pay more for a product when they can try it in AR.

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Author: Gaurav Shah

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