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Stonewood Outdoor Living is an innovative Australian company that focuses on premium outdoor kitchen solutions. Their product range includes high quality kitchen and BBQ modules that “ignite a customer’s passion for outdoor entertaining”. Stonewood’s outdoor kitchens are built to last and feature attractive options to suit any customer’s space, budget and lifestyle.

Featuring a variety of cabinets, BBQ appliances, shelving and accessories, a key challenge for Stonewood was to ensure the design and specifications process was as easy as possible for customers. Outdoor kitchens can be customised to align with any backyard, so customers would need a solution to create any layout. Stonewood also wanted to make sure that the premium materials and craftsmenship of their kitchen units would be accurately showcased via this solution.

Challenges & Solutions: Implementing a Modular Outdoor Kitchen Builder on Stonewood’s Website

Stonewood sells their outdoor kitchens online, so it was important to provide customers with an effective and high quality solution to visualise and customise their products.

By partnering with INHAABIT and integrating an outdoor kitchen configurator in their website, Stonewood was able to achieve multiple goals:

  • Showcasing all their modular kitchen and BBQ options in high quality 3D.
  • Allowing customers to quickly personalise and combine modular outdoor BBQ components to create an outdoor kitchen that meets their needs
  • Leverage instant Augmented Reality technology to see an outdoor kitchen in their backyard
  • Create an interactive and engaging sales process that allows customers to do everything they need online

How An Outdoor Kitchen Configurator Works

To begin creating a modular outdoor kitchen, customers select from Stonewood’s pre-designed configurations. This allows them to choose from popular BBQ layouts and they can proceed to customise the design based on their requirements.

The 3D Configurator interface is intuitive and easy to use, with no special skills required. It allows customers to use drag & drop to add BBQ modules, zoom in to visualise finer details and rotate in 360 degrees. The outdoor kitchens are displayed in ultra-realistic quality and display measurements. This ensures that what customers see in the configurator aligns with the real product and increasese purchase confidence.

Stonewood 3D Configurator

When building an outdoor kitchen, customers can also visualise accessories such as privacy screens, splashbacks and bar tops. Everything is visible in high quality 3D, providing a shopping experience that sets a benchmark in the industry.

After selecting their layout and materials, customers can download high quality photos from any angle. A “Save My Design” feature allows them to generate a smart email link to retrieve their design at any time.

One of the most compelling features of Stonewood’s outdoor kitchen configurator, is the ability to try an outdoor BBQ layout in your backyard. Leveraging INHAABIT’s industry leading AR technology, customers can visualise a full size outdoor kitchen in their space, with true to life sizing and materials. This feature works with popular AR compatible mobile phones or tablets and doesn’t require additional apps installed.

Full ecommerce integration allows customers to see instant pricing and add their outdoor BBQ layout to the website shopping cart. They can also make an enquiry which sends their configuration and parts list directly to Stonewood.

“The Stonewood Outdoor Kitchen Configurator is a great example of how modular products can be easy to build and purchase online. With drag & drop placement, high quality 3D visualisation and Augmented Reality, customers can quickly visualise product options and confidently make purchasing decisions”, explains Jordan Yim, Chief Technology Officer at INHAABIT. “If you sell a modular or highly customisable product, a 3D Configurator is the number one way to enhance your sales process and provide a superior buying experience for customers.”

Results Obtained By Stonewood When Integrating An Outdoor Kitchen Planner In Their Website

By integrating a modular outdoor kitchen configurator Stonewood has created an interactive, easy to use sales and marketing experience, leading to increased customer engagement and purchase confidence. Staff can also utilise the 3D product configurator features as a powerful sales tool to help customers through the buying process.

Once a customer has created an outdoor kitchen design, their configuration details and parts pre-populates the enquiry form, ensuring all requirements are accurate when sent to Stonewood. The configurator is also seamlessly integrated with Stonewood’s website to facilitate online purchases.

Summing Up

INHAABIT’s Modular Configurator platform has enabled Stonewood to create a benchmark outdoor kitchen and configuration solution for their customers. Customers can quickly understand the available options and it provides a much more realistic and engaging sales experience than a traditional website .

Try the Stonewood outdoor kitchen configurator >

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