StraBe Modular Bench Configurator

How An Outdoor Bench Configurator Improves Online Sales

StraBe Group is an Australian-based street furniture company, renowned for manufacturing stylish and ergonomic urban furniture. The creation of a outdoor bench configurator for its website, has evolved the way the company showcases its modular solutions and created a poweful new sales tool for StraBe’s staff and customers.

With a strong commitment to providing the best urban landscape design solutions, StraBe provide a full range of services – from outdoor product design to manufacturing, quality control and installation of urban furniture infrastructure. Over the years, StraBe has built a solid reputation as a trusted partner for many iconic urban and public projects such as Latrobe University, Grand Central Park, Wagga Wagga Hospital, UTS Central, and Western Sydney Stadium.

Servicing local councils, architects, companies and property developers, StraBe’s product portfolio is highly customisable and offers an expansive range of materials, configurations and sizes.

Challenges & Solutions For Selling Modular Outdoor Furniture

Due to the Spencer range’s modular characteristics, StraBe were looking to implement a 3D online configuration solution that would allow customers to visualise any modular layout, build different configurations and customise materials for legs, frames and benches.

StraBe decided to integrate a 3D modular outdoor bench configurator based on the ultra-realistic 3D visualisation and configuration flexibility. INHAABIT’s Modular Configurator platform was the number one choice, enabling customers to build and configure the Spencer range in high-quality 3D, see it from any angle and join related parts. Intelligent logic ensures only relevant parts snap together and matches the requirements of the physical Spencer modular range. This gives customers a 100% accurate representation of the layout they are considering.

With multiple years of AR + 3D research and development, the INHAABIT team was an ideal partner to develop and implement a customised solution for StraBe. The main reasons for this decision include:

  • INHAABIT’s extensive experience in Street Furniture and Urban Design solutions
  • An industry leader in complex product configuration solutions for retailers and manufacturers
  • Reknown for creating some of the most accurate and detailed outdoor furniture products

The collaboration enabled StraBe’s team to:

  • Showcase all of their Spencer modular bench options in the highest visual quality
  • Instantly create modular configuration designs without using advanced 3D software or requiring additional skills
  • Have a professional web-based solution that would capture leads and fast track the sales process.

Customers can use StraBe’s 3D Modular Configurator to:

  • Rapidly visualise and build any bench layout using drag & drop
  • Submit direct enquiries with an image of their configuration and parts listed
  • Save their customised bench designs and retrieve them later via email links

Preset configurations ensure customers can jump directly to a pre-built layout and customise it as required. Customers can also rotate their bench to a particular angle and download a high-definition render-like image which saves staff from needing to create 3D renders for prospects enquiries.

Modular Configurator Preset Layouts

When designing the layout of the Spencer modular benches, customers can visualise the seat material. They can customise the arms and colors for the frame and connectors.

Modular Configurator Customise Materials

When the modular furniture design is completed, customers can enable the measurements option and see the final layout from any angle. They can also see a summary of the parts list and request a quote directly from the interface.

Modular Configurator Display Measurements

“The StraBe park bench configurator is an excellent example of how 3D modular configurators are simplifying requirements gathering and fast tracking the sales process”, explains Jordan Yim, Chief Technology Officer at INHAABIT. “Customers have the ability to easily customise complex modular products with no special skills required. This provides significant improvements to business and sales strategy by reducing the need for in-house staff to manually create product renders.”

Outcome of Integrating a Modular Bench Configurator in StraBe’s Website

By integrating the modular configuration solution into the company’s website, StraBe provides customers with an accurate and personalised bench solution, leading to greater online enquiries and sales leads. In addition, the company’s sales staff can leverage the Modular Product Configurator as a beneficial tool to guide customers through the product features.

With a huge number of combinations and layouts available, customer options are prepopulated in the enquiry form, fast tracking the sales process and improving data accuracy.

Customers have a higher level of satisfaction with the ability to visualise and build any option they require. It provides a clear understanding of the final result and gives them flexibility to see the full capability of the Spencer modular bench, just by visiting StraBe’s website. “If you have highly configurable, complex or modular products, there are few solutions that can provide greater benefit than a Modular Product Configurator”, adds Jordan Yim.

Summing Up

INHAABIT’s 3D Modular Configurator platform integrates seamlessly with StraBe’s website and has instantly converted it to a more competitive and engaging sales experience.

Try StraBe’s Spencer Modular Bench Configurator >

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