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Studio Pip Ari Chair in AR

Studio Pip is a contemporary Australian furniture wholesaler specialising in residential and commercial furniture. Tailored for the Australian market, Studio Pip creates furniture specifically for their retail partner’s needs, with a comprehensive range of material and customisation options. Elegant styling and an emphasis on high quality materials ensure products are beautifully crafted and have a unique Australian feel.

Studio Pip recently partnered with INHAABIT to allow customers to configure their furniture options in 3D and try them in their home with Augmented Reality. Powered by INHAABIT’s industry-leading AR + 3D platform, customers are able to visualise a comprehensive array of Studio Pip’s upholstery options, ranging from beautiful leathers and fabrics to high quality Tasmanian Oak. Hundreds of material combinations are available and an ultra-realistic AR + 3D furniture experience gives customers a superior way to engage and interact with Studio Pip’s products when browsing online.

Studio Pip 3D Configurator

“Augmented Reality and 3D product configuration is the way forward for retailers and customers, with ecommerce and online browsing accelerating faster than ever”, explains Jason Yim, Director of Marketing at INHAABIT. “Customers only need visit a retailer’s website on their PC or mobile phone, so it’s a natural progression to be able to visualise any option and fast track their purchase decisions.”

With Instant AR, customers no longer need to rely on guesswork when buying online and can bring digital furniture to life in their home, visualising how certain furniture items can complement and enhance their surroundings. Studio Pip showcases a range of products in ultra-realistic AR + 3D, including sofas, beds, entertainment units, armchairs and tables that can be configured, where high quality photos of the customisation can be downloaded from any angle.

Try Studio Pip’s AR + 3D experience now via their website.

Key Features:

  • INHAABIT’s AR + 3D platform provides seamless retail integration with a website directly through a web/mobile browser
  • Customers can explore their creativity by configuring furniture with hundreds of material options 
  • Furniture can be visualised from any angle in high quality 3D and Augmented Reality, in your home to increase purchase confidence 
  • Products feature accurate sizing and realistic materials
  • Customers can take photos of AR products in their home to share with friends and download high quality 3D renders of the product from any angle

Like to Know More?

Find out how our AR + 3D platform will improve your sales and engagement. Contact our team for a demo and see how you can gain competitive advantage.

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