That Designs Lets Customers Unleash Their Creativity

That Designs is a popular online furniture and accessories retailer in Kuwait, who are leading the way with the GCC’s most advanced AR shopping experience.

With an extensive range of furniture and accessories brands available, That Designs partnered with INHAABIT to create an AR retail app, to allow customers to transform their home and unleash their creativity, by visualing realistic furniture and accessories.

Available for iOS and Android mobile, That Designs AR app provides an immersive AR shopping experience, allowing customers to select from a huge range of furniture, accessories, lights, rugs and much more. New products are added regularly as more brands from the region join the platform. The app provides an industry leading home furnishing experience, with the ability to visually compare many products at a time, swap products with the tap of a button and design an entire room, in minutes.

That Designs

“That Designs showcases the power of ecommerce and Augmented Reality, when a large range of products are ready to visualise”, explains Jordan Yim, Director at INHAABIT. “There’s no other retail technology available that makes it as easy for customers to visualise products in their home.”

That Designs app seamlessly integrates with their website shopping cart, allowing customers to add all of the products in their AR view to their cart, with the tap of a button. The streamlined purchasing process and in-home AR browsing, provides a much more interactive shopping experience, making That Designs a way to shop like never before.

Key Features

  • Visualise beautiful furniture and accessories in your home with AR.
  • Colors, materials and dimensions are displayed true to life.
  • Choose from a large range of designer products such as chairs, tables, cots, sofas, lighting, art, rugs and more.
  • Add all of the products from your AR view to your cart for easy checkout.
  • Visualise multiple pieces of furniture and accessories at a time, to design your ideal room.
  • Take photos of your home furnishing creations and share via social media.

Download That Designs AR shopping app on iOS and Android now

Author: Jason Yim

Jason has 20+ years experience in design, marketing, Augmented Reality & 3D.
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