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See videos of INHAABIT’s Augmented Reality platform and custom rendering process.

INHAABIT on Channel TEN’s Australia By Design Innovation

See how Augmented Reality helps Penny choose the right furniture for her apartment.

top3 AR – Canberra Centre Store Launch

Take a seat or maybe don’t! The top3 AR mobile app shows how realistic Augmented Reality can be on your iPhone or iPad. Footage is taken from the Canberra Centre top 3 by design store launch on 2/11/2017.

INHAABIT Side-by-Side

This time we get up close and personal with the Normann Copenhagen Ace Lounge Chair comparing the Tango Leather Brandy version to the Nist Lake Blue color. One of these chairs is Augmented Reality and the other is real. Can you see which one?

How Real is Augmented Reality?

We compare the Menu Tailor Sofa in Augmented Reality against the real thing.